Congressman David Price Visits 3-C Institute for Social Development

Cary, NC

Congressman David Price visited sister companies 3-C Family Services, 3-C Institute for Social Development (3-C ISD), and SELmedia today for a town hall-style meeting with the staff.

Congressman Price commended 3-C ISD for its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) success.

The recipient of numerous successful SBIR grants over the past ten years, 3-C ISD delivers research-based programs to schools, professionals, and parents to enhance social-emotional health.

“We were honored to host Congressman Price,” said Dr. Melissa DeRosier, president of 3-C ISD.  “His visit was a wonderful recognition of our success at leveraging public support for research and development into economic growth and services for the community and into tangible products that are helping families around the world.”

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