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Serious Games

3C Institute integrates social development research into game-based platforms to create effective and engaging intelligent systems for assessment and learning.

Each platform includes an online implementation center with 24/7 access to tracking and reporting on student functioning as well as professional development and implementation resources.

Serious Games

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Zoo U

This interactive social skills assessment program is designed to enhance elementary students' social literacy as well as track their progress toward specific social goals. Meeting these goals helps children more easily establish and maintain positive peer relations, which research has shown is closely tied to academic success. Failure to develop such relationships can lead to academic, behavioral, and emotional problems.

In Zoo U, students navigate social situations with other characters in an engaging virtual school for zookeepers in training. Zoo U focuses on six core social skills: impulse control, empathy, initiation, communication, cooperation, and emotion regulation.

The program assesses students' initial social skill level as well as their progress. Zoo U scaffolds difficulty levels and pedagogical assistance for personalized assessment and learning.

3C Institute is currently developing a Zoo U social skills intervention to complement the Zoo U assessment.

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Stories in Motion (in development)

Stories in Motion takes traditional storytelling and transforms it into an interactive web-based social intervention designed to help upper elementary students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders. These students face unique challenges with social skills, and their ability to master such skills can have long-reaching effects on their ability to learn.

Stories in Motion uses narrative generation software for creating personalized stories around challenging social scenarios. Students will be able to view each story as an animated video and in comic book format. This intervention will include 12 social stories, each designed to address one specific area of social difficulty (e.g., joining a group of peers).

The program also includes data collection and monitoring tools, and its user-friendly interface enables teachers and parents to work collaboratively with the student.

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Adventures aboard the S.S.GRIN (in development)

Geared toward third to fifth grade students with identified social skills difficulties, Adventures aboard the S.S.GRIN links the worlds of social skills training and interactive technology.

The colorful environments and 2.5D perspective create an engaging setting, and the challenges presented to the player change in difficulty based on previous decisions and actions.

Adventures aboard the S.S.GRIN incorporates the themes and skills of the evidence-based S.S.GRIN programs developed by 3C Institute, such as self-esteem, communication, and cooperation. Adventures aboard the S.S.GRIN can be used independently or to augment an in-person social skills intervention.

Adventures aboard the S.S.GRIN is being developed and tested through the Center for Research in Emotional and Social Health (CRESH) using a games platform developed by 3C Institute.


Hall of Heroes (in development)

Hall of Heroes provides individualized social skill development to prepare students for the transition to middle school by building six critical skills: impulse control, communication, cooperation, social initiation, empathy, and emotion regulation. These skills are essential to navigating the particular social situations students face during this transitional period.

Students' gameplay performance is continually monitored. Performance data are available to school staff, making Hall of Heroes an excellent addition to schools using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports because it incorporates evidence-based practices for social skills monitoring and data-driven decision making.

Through engaging graphics, an adaptive social learning environment, and real-time feedback about students’ progress, Hall of Heroes holds the potential for significant and lasting impact on students’ social skills and, in turn, their academic, social, and behavioral adjustment in middle school.

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To learn more about and view demos of our serious games, visit our Services page.


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