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White House Promotes IvySCIP SEL Assessment Platform for Students with HF-ASD

In response to President Obama’s call for more efficient and effective testing in schools, 3C Institute has partnered with the Ivymount School, Inc., to develop the Ivymount Social Cognition Instructional Package (IvySCIP), a platform for practitioners to assess the social and emotional learning needs of elementary students diagnosed with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder.

Social and emotional learning plays a critical role in children’s academic success, and is especially crucial for children with autism spectrum disorder, most of whom demonstrate significant social cognitive deficits.

Funded by the Small Business Innovation Research program at the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, IvySCIP assesses five key social competencies: self-knowledge and self-advocacy, social interaction, emotional regulation, executive skills and problem solving, and self-care. Reports generated from the assessment help educators prioritize instruction, develop Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs), and track student progress toward meeting goals.

IvySCIP has received strong endorsements from educators, and the White House lauded IvySCIP as one of the “next generation of assessments in education.”

“IvySCIP gives teachers and related services providers an opportunity to track data and truly identify the specific areas of need for our students on the autism spectrum,” said one educator.

Watch the demo video to learn more.