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S.S.GRIN Article Published in ASCA’s Professional School Counseling Journal

Abstract: School counselors are under increasing pressure to evaluate their programs in a manner consistent with teachers and other educators. A small-group counseling intervention was used by a school counselor as part of a three-level program planning initiative that illustrated best research practices to evaluate program outcomes. Forty-nine third-grade students with social skills deficits participated in a 10-week social skills intervention. Results indicated that children participating in the intervention experienced reduced loneliness and social anxiety as well as improved academic achievement. Implications for school counselors conducting evaluations in a practical and time-efficient manner are discussed. (Log in to ASCA to read full article).

S.S.GRIN (Social Skills Group Intervention) is an effective group counseling program that has been used in hundreds of school, clinic, and community settings to reduce bullying and help children with peer and relationship problems.  Children who have poor peer relations become increasingly isolated and are at risk for poor outcomes.  S.S.GRIN addresses this problem by teaching the social skills that research shows are critical to peer acceptance.  Multiple studies have shown that S.S.GRIN is highly effective from early childhood to adolescence:

  • 24% increase in “Being liked by peers”
  • 44% decrease in aggression (especially for bullies)
  • 63% decrease in antisocial affiliations
  • Results hold up over multiple years

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