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Resource Center

Ongoing access to training and implementation resources enhances program sustainability.

Support your intervention or organization with a customizable resource center.  A resource center can be its own site, part of an existing site, or part of a new DeLP, IMPACT, or Quest project.    

Manage your resources.

A 3C resource center provides:

A variety of resource types:
Upload documents (text, PDF, and presentation files) and audio and video files, and link to external sites, articles, or videos that reinforce your site content. Base package includes up to 100 resources.

Easy-to-use admin dashboard:
Once your resource center is established, you can easily add and update resources through the secure Resource Center dashboard.

Searchable and filterable database:
You can organize content at a higher level, such as audience or key areas, and then categorize and tag resources so users can easily find what best meets their interests and needs. A resource can be listed under multiple categories and tags, and users can search and filter resources.

Access to usage metrics:
View and export data on which users are accessing which resources.

Collaborative Setup

3C will work with you to organize your resources and define your categories and tags. We’ll train you on the easy-to-use Resource Center dashboard so you can add and update resources to grow your center to meet user needs.


Featured Projects

MDBehavioralHealth.com is an online training site hosted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The site provides online training in a wide variety of topics to individuals interested in supporting the behavioral health of youth and their families.

For each training course, the Maryland Behavioral Health site includes a resource center where course users can access additional materials and content to support their learning.


The School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System (SHAPE System) site offers free, targeted resources to schools and school districts to help advance school mental health quality and sustainability. Users of the SHAPE resource center can sort resources by topic to hone in on specific quality, sustainability, and trauma goals.

The SHAPE System is hosted by the national Center for School Mental Health (CSMH) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The CSMH is committed to enhancing understanding and supporting implementation of comprehensive school mental health policies and programs.


The Ivymount Social Cognition Instructional Package (IvySCIP) is a comprehensive online system for supporting social and emotional learning in K-8 students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders.

The resource center on IvySCIP supports educators in making data-based decisions regarding all phases of instruction, from assessment through IEP goal development, data collection, and progress monitoring.

The Ivymount Corporation mission is to enable individuals to achieve their highest level of development; to support families in their efforts to make intelligent, thoughtful choices with their children; and to be leaders in the community and the field of special education.