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Postsecondary resilience education program for students with HF-ASD
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Project Description

The Challenge

Despite great potential, students with learning challenges pursue post-secondary learning at much lower rates than their peers. For example, about one quarter of students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders (HF-ASD) do not achieve further education or regular employment after high school, and of those who do pursue college, many more drop out than their peers without learning challenges. Because resilience and academic success directly affect students’ health and well-being and because autism spectrum disorders are more common now than ever before, there is great need for evidence-based tools designed to prepare and support students with HF-ASD and other learning challenges in post-secondary success.


Our Response

For this SBIR fast-tracked Phase I and Phase II project, we created the first self-paced, adaptive resilience education intervention designed specifically to meet the learning styles and social and emotional needs of students with HF-ASD. Built on 3C Institute’s dynamic e-learning platform (DeLP), PREP (Postsecondary Resilience Education Program) enhances students’ resilience, coping skills, and preparedness for post-secondary learning, and documents students’ progress toward specific measurable goals. We created an engaging online learning environment for 11th and 12th grade high school students with HF-ASD, easily implemented by teachers or other school staff, with professional development tools to further support educators.



Self-paced online course

Students learn resilience strategies for social, academic, and practical aspects of the transition to college life. Game-based motivators encourage students to continue practicing until they meet criterion-based learning goals.

Interactive, individualize practice

Students can replay a variety of interactive exercises, including game-based animated scenes, branching role plays, and visualization tools.

Personalized feedback

PREP provides students with individualized instruction, including self-assessments with personalized reports, adaptive assistance during completion of exercises, and personalized performance feedback.

Implementation & Reporting

Online support includes a provider manual, a professional development course, text- and video-based ‘how-to’ tips, lessons, and activities. Educators can monitor student progress and generate cumulative reports.