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Enhancing Children’s Social Emotional Functioning Through Virtual Game-based Delivery of Social Skills Training

An initial evaluation of the efficacy of Zoo U, an interactive online game for elementary-age children that translates evidence-based social emotional learning strategies into tailored social problem-solving scenes in a virtual world.

Social Skills Assessment Through Games: The New Best Practice

This book explores the advantages of using game-based platforms to assess children’s social skills, and is intended to help educators, clinicians, and parents understand various social skills assessment approaches and make informed decisions about which methods to use.

Differences Between Japanese and U.S. Children’s Performance on “Zoo U”: A Game-Based Social Skills Assessment

This study tests whether and how performance on a digital game-based social skills assessment tool, "Zoo U," differed for children in the United States and Japan across six core social skills...

The Feasibility and Acceptability of an Online Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Program

The purpose of this study was to test the feasibility and acceptability of a novel online adolescent substance abuse relapse prevention tool

The Acceptability and Efficacy of an Intelligent Social Tutoring System

This study tested the acceptability and efficacy of an innovative intelligent tutoring system (ITS), Adventures Aboard the S.S. GRIN...

Zoo U: A stealth approach to social skills assessment in schools

This paper describes the design and evaluation of Zoo U, a novel computer game to assess children’s social skill development...

Toward effective game-based social skills tutoring for children: An evaluation of a social adventure game

This paper describes a study of a prototype of a novel game-based intelligent tutor that teaches children positive social skills...

Zoo U: The Only Research-proven Online Game that Assesses and Teaches Social Skills

Research demonstrates that positive social skills and relationships in childhood are associated with children’s positive behavioral, emotional, and academic well-being...