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The SHAPE System

The Center for School Mental Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine has partnered with 3C Institute to develop a web-based portal that helps schools and districts assess and improve their comprehensive school mental health systems.

Adventures Aboard the S.S.GRIN

An engaging online game to teach social skills to children ages 7-12 who experience social-behavioral problems

Relapse Prevention Program

A SBIR/NIDA-funded project to develop a game-based online substance abuse relapse prevention program for adolescents

Life Improvement for Teens (LIFT)

With funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), RAND partnered with 3C Institute to develop Life Improvement for Teens (LIFT), an online intervention to build stress-management skills for adolescents who have experienced trauma.

Strategy Shaper

With funding from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), 3C Institute partnered with David Kupfer, MD, and negotiation expert Andrea Schneider, JD, to develop Strategy Shaper, a personalized, interactive online course that gives researchers the critical negotiation skills they need to have a successful career.

Via Hope Online Learning

With funding from the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division, Via Hope partnered with 3C Institute to develop the training website viahopeonlinelearning.org.

Emotion Explorer

An innovative and engaging web- and mobile-based interactive storybook for K-2nd grade students, allowing educators to provide scaffolded and individualized student support in five critical emotional literacy skills without losing core instructional time.

Hall of Heroes

An intelligent game that prepares children for the social challenges they face while transitioning into middle school, featuring adaptive content and immediate feedback for teachers


The first self-paced, adaptive resilience education intervention designed specifically to meet the learning styles and social and emotional needs of students with HF-ASD.


S.S.GRIN is an evidence-based, targeted RtI Tier 2 small-group intervention that addresses bullying, victimization, and social-emotional competence. The program covers communication, cooperation, impulse control, perspective taking, conflict management, empathy, and more.
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