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Improving Social-Behavioral Adjustment in Adolescents through Parent Training

SBIR phase I

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Project Description

ID: 1R43MH082459-04A2
TERM: 03/09 – 08/09

This Phase I project included two primary objectives: (1) to develop prototypes of each component of the Parent Guide to SSGRIN-Adolescent (Professional Manual; session scripts for the first five sessions; parent workbook for the first five sessions; in-session video demonstration; and resource guide for parents, professionals, and adolescents of related book and website resources) and (2) to test the materials and product use with community- and school-based mental health professionals and parents of adolescents. Both groups of professionals rated the content and quality of the Professional Manual and session scripts for the first five sessions very positively. Materials were rated as highly valuable and easy to implement and continued development was recommended. Similarly, parents of adolescents rated intervention materials very positively and felt the program would likely help them in working with their adolescent.

Based on feedback from Phase I, a Phase II proposal was submitted to obtain funding for refinement and further development of program materials as well as to conduct a randomized test of the intervention’s effectiveness.