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Dynamic Narrative Generation Software to Improve Social and Behavioral School Readiness Skills Needed for the Successful Transition to Grade School

SBIR Phase I

Project Info

Project Description

ID: ED-IES-13-C-0034
TERM: 05/13 – 11/13

Although ensuring school readiness for all children has been the goal of many early childhood programs and policy efforts in recent years, estimates from teachers suggest only about half of children make a smooth transition into kindergarten. Moreover, despite policies like the National Education Goals Panel, which call for increased attention to children’s social-emotional development as a key dimension of school readiness, few tools are available to early childhood teachers for promoting social, emotional, and behavioral skills for school readiness. Through this SBIR project, we will leverage 3-C’s cutting-edge dynamic narrative generation technology to create a highly innovative and engaging product for Pre-K and kindergarten students and their teachers. The proposed technology product will engage students in personalized story generation for step-wise learning of social, emotional, and behavioral skills needed to successfully transition to grade schooling. This product will be easily integrated into the classroom environment with the ability to not only enhance students’ skills, but also document progress toward measurable goals. The proposed product will also enhance teachers’ skills for implementing the intervention through web-based professional development tools. This SBIR directly addresses IES’ invitational priority of using technology to improve students’ social skills and behaviors that support academic outcomes.

This SBIR will yield a cost-effective, time-efficient technology product to enhance school readiness with Pre-K and kindergarten students. The primary commercial application will be a software package with innovative dynamic narrative generation technology specifically tailored to enhance social, emotional, and behavioral skills for school readiness. The product will provide schools with an engaging, cost-effective, and easy to use tool to build those skills needed by students to successfully transition to grade school learning. The product will also provide unprecedented professional development tools and implementation supports paired with an easy system for tracking and documenting students’ progress towards targeted goals.