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Child Mental Health Intervention Operational Archive

SBIR phase I

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ID: N43MH32060
TERM: 05/03 – 05/04

Intervention researchers possess a vast amount of experiential knowledge that is often untapped. While research findings on treatment outcomes and efficacy are published through journals, books, and online distribution centers, process data regarding study implementation efforts are typically lost. As a result, investigators must generate their own solutions to common issues each time a study is begun. For larger, more complex longitudinal studies, the investigator is often inundated with an extensive set of implementation issues needing resolution. If the knowledge base of experienced investigators could be effectively tapped, the benefits to the advancement of science would be immense.

The primary purpose of this Phase I project was to establish a plan for archiving implementation process data for intervention research with children and for disseminating that database via the Internet for ease of access, sharing, and distribution to other investigators and professionals. Interviews with nine senior researchers and focus groups with 14 researchers were conducted to gather data about the proposed website. Results indicated that nearly all participants thought the website would be valuable, useful, and needed for junior researchers, an effective way to distribute information, and a resource that they would recommend to junior colleagues and to study personnel. Following analysis of this data, the prototype website was developed.

Based on the strong support for the Phase I project and recommendations for continued development, funding was sought for Phase II research and development. This project focused on finalizing and testing the website (developing content, addressing logistical details) and launching it via the Internet to allow more ready access to implementation tips among researchers.