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A Comprehensive Tool Supporting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Instruction for Students with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

SBIR Phase I

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Project Description

ID: ED-IES-15-C-0009
TERM: 05/15 – 10/15

There is currently a lack of data-driven resources to support social and emotional learning (SEL) deficits for students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders (HF-ASD). Failure to provide effective SEL instruction strongly contributes to academic difficulties, and to almost universally poor post-school outcomes for this population. Given the incidence of HF-ASD is now at an all-time high, the need within schools and other educational settings is more critical than ever for effective, easy-to-use tools to help students with HF-ASD improve their SEL skills. This SBIR Project (Phase I and Phase II) will yield custom software to facilitate the accurate administration and scoring of the Ivymount Social Readiness System-Mobile (ISRS-M) – an SEL strengths and needs assessment for K-6 students with HF-ASD, as well as an Online Instructor Implementation Center (OIIC) that will automatically link users to data-based instructional resources, including fully-automated IEP goal development and progress monitoring tools based on students’ SEL profiles. The ISRS-M will offer a comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-use package to support educators in making data-informed decisions regarding SEL instruction for elementary school students with HF-ASD. This project directly addresses IES’ invitational priority for educational technology products to improve outcomes in students’ social skills and behaviors.