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4researchers.org: Development of a Website for Behavioral Scientists

Project Description

Kameny, R., DeRosier, M., Hehman, C., & Arneson, K.(2010). 4researchers.org: Development of a website for behavioral scientists. Cary, NC: 3-C Institute for Social Development.

Until 2005, there was no single website available where researchers could go to get advice and information from leading scientists on conducting research out in the real world. Graduate school may provide students with the knowledge they need to generate hypotheses, design studies, and analyze data, but graduates often leave school with very little understanding of how to obtain funding, recruit and retain participants, develop and adhere to timelines, hire and manage staff, or collaborate with other researchers. This lack of operational, how-to knowledge can easily derail a researcher from a promising career. In 2003, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) issued a request for proposals to create a web-based archive of operational information for mental health researchers. When 3-C ISD was awarded this contract, we began what would be a four-year research project culminating in the development of www.4Researchers.org. This content-rich website now features more than 900 articles from over 200 scientists sharing tips and advice on funding, research design, participant recruitment, study management, collaboration, dissemination, and career advancement. This paper will describe the 4Researchers website as it is today, then briefly discuss the research behind its four-year development.

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