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Business Leaders Praise 3C Institute for Success in Social Entrepreneurship

3C Institute and Dr. Melissa DeRosier, CEO and founder, were featured in the latest issue of Results, North Carolina State University’s magazine on the university’s research, innovation, and economic development. The article highlights 3C Institute’s success in social entrepreneurship—business innovations that solve social problems.

Tom White, who leads the university’s Economic Development Partnership, says, “3C is a wonderful model of social entrepreneurship. Melissa and her team thrive on designing sophisticated products that improve and enhance the quality of life for her customers and clients and our communities.”

3C Institute’s social and emotional learning games are discussed with Dr. DeRosier noting that the 21st-century skills they teach—empathy, communication, and self-discipline, among others—are “essential for success in school and for workforce development,” and there’s great potential for 3C Institute’s continued expansion in this area.

The article also highlights the national attention 3C Institute garnered after being featured in Newsweek and the vital support the company received by working with the Small Business Technology Development Center.

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