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3C Expanding Technologies to Mobile Apps for Medical Montoring

3C Institute is currently developing the Online Medical Monitoring System (OMMS), an integrated web and mobile system to facilitate and monitor treatment adherence for individuals with a chronic illness.

Our first application of the OMMS is Planet K, a mobile phone app designed to help youth (ages 12-21) transition to self-care of chronic kidney disease. Planet K is funded through a Centers for Disease Control SBIR grant.

Planet K Empowers Adolescents to Manage their Illness

In Planet K, the adolescent takes care of a virtual companion that shares his or her medical condition. Taking care of the companion teaches adolescents about their condition, increases engagement, and helps them practice needed skills for managing their condition.

Planet K includes games to teach adolescents new skills and motivate them to actively participate in their treatment process. It also includes features such as:

  • Medication reminders
  • Online progress tracking for parents
  • Repository of educational information optimized for this audience and for mobile devices

Planet K customizes the education and game experiences based on details of the adolescent’s medical condition, providing an individualized experience designed to meet each user’s specific needs.

“I’m thrilled with Planet K—it’s our first time working with our patients on a platform that they love.”

Maria Ferris, MD, UNC Kidney Center

Next steps for Planet K

Planet K is partnering with the University of North Carolina Kidney Center to conduct its first full test with adolescents with chronic kidney disease, beginning on Friday, October 31.

After this test, 3C Institute researchers and developers will refine the app based on user feedback and conduct a randomized clinical trial. Planet K is currently scheduled to launch in late 2015.

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