E-learning for Behavior Change

With innovative mobile, game, and interactive technologies, we can help you deliver an engaging and personalized intervention or curriculum that effectively enhances social, emotional, and behavioral health.

Get the details on our Base and Enhanced Packages — all packages are fully customizable!

Examples below are estimates. Contact us at 888-598-0103 or services@3cisd.com to schedule a live demo.

Instructional videos 3 hrs 6 hrs, including 1 hr of narration Discount of $2,500
if files provided & no travel
Demonstration videos 15 mins 15 mins Add demonstration videos
in 10-minute segments for $1,500
Motion graphics 15 mins 30 mins Add motion graphics
in 5-minute segments for $2,500
Survey questions 100 100 Add survey questions
in groups of 20 for $250
Interactive elements 20 with custom art
& personalized feedback
30 with custom art
& personalized feedback
Add interactive elements
in groups of 5 for $2,000
Mini-Games 2 Contact us for a quote
for custom mini-games
Virtual simulations 2 Contact us for a quote
for additional simulations
Custom reports 2 2 Add custom reports
for $1,200 each
Final test & certificate Included Included
Course user metrics Included Included
Total Cost: $60,000 $100,000 Contact us for a quote

Our learning model alternates between direct instruction, illustrative examples, and opportunities to practice for maximal retention and engagement:

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A powerful mix of audio, video, and motion graphics to teach instructional content.

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Animated or live-action demonstrations and role-plays to illustrate key concepts.



Interactive exercises with personalized feedback to practice skills learned.

Engage participants

Our dynamic, adaptive, multimedia learning experience boosts engagement and program participation.

Elevate your curriculum

We’ll help you select the best options from an unparalleled collection of teaching components to take your curriculum to the next level.

Get results

With our fully customizable platform, we tailor the course content to your learning objectives to ensure your curriculum produces the best possible results.

Assess outcomes

Extensive, customized data collection and analyses create useful feedback for your learners and valuable insights for your program.