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The Challenge

Child sexual abuse affects 12% of children worldwide, yet not enough is done to prevent it from happening—it is addressed after abuse occurs. There are few resources to support people who are attracted to children and don’t want to cause harm.

The Solution

Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau and her team from the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, partnered with 3C Institute to develop the Help Wanted online course, a series of modules to support youth and adolescents who are sexually attracted to children and want to live a safe, healthy, non-offending life.

Built on 3C’s Dynamic E-learning Platform (DeLP), Help Wanted is a self-paced course that contains videos and interactive exercises on topics such as what child sexual abuse is and the effects and consequences for victims and people who commit abuse. The course also contains coping strategies and resources to help course users navigate the issues they face related to their attraction and support them in living a better life.

Additional modules in development will support family and friends of young people with a sexual interest in children and counselors or therapists who treat young people who have a sexual interest in children.