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The Challenge

Partner support is one of the best predictors of a new mom’s breastfeeding success, according to Dr. Erin Henshaw, associate professor of psychology at Denison University. With the goal of improving mothers’ breastfeeding rates and reducing negative emotions postpartum, Dr. Henshaw and her team created a parent education program to support and encourage healthy behaviors with new parents during the first six weeks of parenthood. Based on prototype feedback, the team looked for a technology partner to create an interactive and engaging solution to deliver the program.

The Solution

The Denison University group chose 3C Institute to build a new interactive assessment and text messaging system for the Happy, Healthy, Loved parent education and support program.

Before new parents leave the hospital, they complete a survey that asks about topics such as their coping strategies and what kind of support each parent appreciates most. Based on parent answers, Happy, Healthy, Loved sends encouraging, personalized texts with tips and resources, along with brief periodic assessments on how things are going and whether the mom is still breastfeeding. Each parent receives about four personalized text messages per week over the six-week intervention, with the goal of giving everyone in the family the happiest, healthiest start together.

The research team can access the admin dashboard to view intervention data, including survey responses and user interaction with recommended resources.