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E-Learning for Professional Development

Reach more people and maximize your results with DeLP, the dynamic e-learning platform for online instruction.

Why DeLP?

Built on a decade of research, our powerful, dynamic e-learning platform has been proven as effective as in-person instruction. DeLP implements the evidence-based cognitive theory of multimedia learning to engage diverse types of online learners. Learners gain skills and strategies to advance their professional development.


Each DeLP course includes direct instruction, illustrated examples, and opportunities to practice, all customized for the learning objectives and audience.


A powerful mix of audio, video, and motion graphics to teach instructional content.


Animated or live-action demonstrations and role-plays to illustrate key concepts.


Interactive exercises with personalized feedback to practice skills learned.

User-friendly course components

Course components such as self-paced videos and interactive exercises, a user dashboard, an online binder, and a resource center allow users to learn at their own pace and easily revisit course content.



Mini-games support learning through shorter game play. Include mini-games in a course or game-based program to help users practice a specific skill or strategy or check their knowledge. You can use a 3C mini-game as is, 3C can modify the text and graphics of an existing mini-game to support your learning objectives, or we can work with you to develop a new mini-game.


Data collection and analysis

DeLP collects and analyzes user data, measuring user performance and progress to create useful feedback for users and valuable insights for your program. Administrators can review and download data from an administrator dashboard.

Collaborative course development

3C’s team of e-learning professionals will collaborate with you to adapt your content for e-learning and create a successful online course tailored to your learning objectives.


Featured Projects

Strategy Shaper is an interactive online course that gives researchers the critical negotiation skills they need to have a successful career. David Kupfer, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, has spent more than a decade developing effective trainings on career navigation skills for behavioral health investigators. With funding from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Kupfer and negotiation expert Andrea Schneider, JD, professor and director of the Dispute Resolution Program at Marquette University Law School, chose 3C’s dynamic e-learning platform (DeLP) to develop Strategy Shaper. They chose DeLP so they could personalize the course experience and provide opportunities for hands-on practice and feedback.

We’ve been working with 3C since 2004, and it’s been a great run. Our program (www.cdi.pitt.edu) is much larger and broader and has spun off into other programs as a direct result of our work together.”

David Kupfer, MD
Professor of Psychiatry
Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Via Hope is a Texas nonprofit that promotes patient advocacy through person-centered recovery planning (PCRP), a recovery-oriented approach to care directed by patients in collaboration with providers and other supporters.
With funding from the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division, Via Hope partnered with 3C Institute to develop an online learning series to complement their in-person training program supporting the implementation of recovery-oriented practices. Via Hope chose 3C Institute for our expertise in behavioral health, e-learning, and web development.

We’ve really appreciated 3C Institute’s collaborative nature and genuine interest in the learning experience that we want to create for people. There isn’t this divide where we feel like we own the content, and they feel like they own the technical piece; instead we feel like we’re working together as a team to think about the experience of the learner.”

Amanda Bowman, LCSW
Unit Manager for PCRP
Via Hope


3C Institute worked with the University of Maryland School of Medicine to produce MDBehavioralHealth.com. The online training site provides access to a library of training courses for individuals interested in supporting the behavioral health of youth and their families.
The online training allows individuals to work at their own pace. They can download materials, take the training, view video tips from experts, and explore related links, all from one central site.
The site is hosted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and developed in partnership with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Mental Hygiene Administration.

“I can’t imagine finding another company that has not only the technical expertise but also the understanding of social and behavioral health. 3C talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Amanda Mosby
Program Manager
UMD School of Medicine
Maryland Behavioral Health Training Website