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Child-Friendly Features

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Collect high-quality survey data with Quest, the only research-based, child-friendly online data collection platform

Unique game-like experience

Quest can generate a map of activities. At each step, friendly characters voice directions, questions, and response choices. Optional mini-games help maintain engagement and reward kids for progress.

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Child-friendly survey layouts

Designed for children aged 5-12, Quest offers a selection of engaging survey layouts for younger (5–9 years) and older (10–12 years) children. The surveys support a variety of response formats and the option to embed audio and graphics.


Developmental accommodations

Audio and visual accommodations make it easier for kids to understand and respond to questions in Quest.


Learn more about Quest’s features or follow our walkthrough!

Quest accommodations - voice-over removes literacy barriers, game-like UI increases engagement & motivation, accommodations increase focus & understanding

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