Chicago Public Schools to Use 3C Institute Interventions in 50 Schools

Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will be implementing S.S.GRIN for Early Childhood and S.S.GRIN K-2 in 50 elementary schools throughout the district. S.S.GRIN is a targeted, small-group intervention that teaches key social skills such as empathy, cooperation, communication, “stop and think,” and managing emotions.

On Tuesday, May 20th, Melissa DeRosier, CEO of 3C Institute, trained more than 60 CPS educators on how to effectively implement S.S.GRIN, including Centervention, the online implementation support system that comes with the program.

Through Centervention, the educators will be able to access online training, monitor how closely they’re following program guidelines, and track the progress of their students in the intervention, and submit their questions to program developers.

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