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3C Institute and EdTech Partners Launch Research-Driven Gaming Portal

Three-quarters of teachers want to use digital games in the classroom, which has been shown to motivate students, increase persistence, and improve learning outcomes. Unfortunately, they have a hard time finding effective, affordable games that fit into their curriculum.

3C Institute has partnered with fellow educational game developers to launch ThinkZone, a one-stop learning portal for research-based apps, games, and interactive tools designed for deep learning across the core subjects.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, ThinkZone provides a curated selection of educational games that meet high standards for engagement, instruction, design, and impact, making it easier for educators to find and implement effective game-based learning at both the school and district levels.


ThinkZone Demo from thinkzonegames on Vimeo.


Subjects range from STEM topics to social and emotional learning (SEL) and other 21st-century skills. The 3C Institute–developed Zoo U assesses and builds children’s SEL skills so they feel more socially confident, behave less aggressively, and are better able to regulate their emotions. All of the games are aligned to state and national standards, easily integrated into existing curricula, and equipped to track student progress and performance.

ThinkZone has received overwhelmingly positive support from teachers and administrators. “Games are an excellent way of engaging students, especially those who have difficulty staying on task, or have some form of learning difficulty,” said one teacher. “They’re learning without realizing it, and you can get a good idea of how they think and apply knowledge.”

Watch the video to learn more about ThinkZone and the educational benefits it offers to schools and students.

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