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Project Description

The Challenge

Even though evidence-based behavioral health interventions are proven to help students recover from traumatic events, such as accidents, physical abuse, and school and community violence, few programs make their way into schools. A major roadblock is they often require in-person training and program delivery, and most schools don’t have the time or resources to make that happen.

The Solution

To provide a more efficient and less costly alternative, Drs. Bradley Stein, Lisa Jaycox, and Lynsay Ayer of the RAND Corporation partnered with us to create an effective, engaging, and personalized online intervention that’s easily disseminated to reach more people. The result was LIFT (Life Improvement for Teens), an online intervention to build stress-management skills for adolescents who have experienced trauma.

Though they’ve traditionally developed in-person interventions, our partners chose our e-learning platform because they thought an online, self-paced, multimedia format would appeal to their target audience of 12- to 18-year-olds. The course features innovative game and interactive technologies to teach participants how to reduce distress and improve coping skills. And the curriculum reinforces and extends their existing interventions for trauma recovery.

All of our e-learning courses are designed to deliver an engaging and personalized intervention that effectively enhances social, emotional, and behavioral health. The content is fully customizable for your learning objectives and target audience.

The Results

RAND cited the value of working with 3C Institute’s interdisciplinary team of researchers, web developers, artists, editors, and video producers to push their work into new, innovative directions. Being new to this course format, they appreciated how we coached them through the development process, clearly explaining the available options and helping them decide how best to meet their learning objectives. Furthermore, due to 3C Institute’s expertise in behavioral health, our team had a high level of understanding of the subject matter, which accelerated course development.

We are grateful to our partners at RAND for referring our services to their colleagues.

Demo the first chapter of the course.

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