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Q: What are the steps of the development process?

A: The 3C team will talk with the client about the objectives of the client’s project. Based on the client’s budget, 3C will send a statement of work, outlining the scope of work and clarifying deliverables, costs, and timelines. Once the client is ready to move forward in the process, 3C and the client will sign a contract. Each project is led by an expert Project Manager, specifically trained to manage and oversee projects for on-time, high quality completion of project deliverables. There will be a kickoff project team meeting, which includes client and 3C team members, to discuss the development process, timelines, and assign initial tasks. 3C implements an iterative, user-centered process. This means 3C will develop each component, periodically seeking guidance and feedback from clients and end users, so that 3C can refine and finalize development.

Q: What is the background of 3C’s staff?

A: 3C’s multi-disciplinary staff includes clinical and developmental researchers working alongside software and game developers, quality assurance analysts, project managers, graphic designers, animators, videographers, and editors. All project team members are highly experienced in developing technology solutions tailored to assess, train, and otherwise address issues related to social, emotional, and behavioral health in school and community settings.

Q: What about data security?

A: 3C ensures adherence to the highest security standards for the transfer and storage of data. 3C is highly experienced at developing private, secure web-based applications for use in both school and community service settings. 3C’s programs and applications are HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant and meet the strictest data security standards, including compliance with Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11.

Q: Does 3C have an intellectual property agreement?

A: Yes. 3C owns the underlying proprietary technology and the client owns their intellectual property.

Q: Can 3C host my web-based program or application upon project completion?

A: 3C can host your program or application on a customized website developed by the 3C team. Hosting terms are set forth in the statement of work and contract. Hosting means that 3C will store your content on its servers and deliver that information online to users.

Q: Can users receive CE credit for completing online courses?

A: 3C is authorized to offer CE credit for courses that meet rigorous criteria set by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). 3C will also work with clients to offer credits from other organizations. Users who successfully complete the online course, a final test, and an evaluation survey can print a certificate of earned CE credit. The decision to offer CE credit of any kind for an online course must be made before the course is developed to ensure the content meets the relevant criteria.

Q: Through what devices and browsers can users access web-based programs and applications?

A: Applications are built to HTML5 web standards and deployed via the Web for universal delivery across desktop, laptop, and tablet devices (for both OSX and Android operating systems). Users can access 3C’s software through any device with an HTML5 web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge (Internet Explorer is not a supported browser).

The user interface (graphic design, layout, navigation) for 3C’s programs and applications reflects principles of contextual design and has been repeatedly tested with diverse end users to ensure high usability. It adheres to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, including 508 compliance, to ensure the broadest possible accessibility for the system.

Q: Does 3C offer support for technical problems?

A: 3C offers ongoing technical support through a help center that provides a contact email for our technical support staff.