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Project Description

The Challenge

Via Hope is a Texas nonprofit that works to transform the mental health system into one that fosters resilience, promotes recovery, and is person, youth, and family driven. They provide training and consultation to individuals in recovery, family members, and mental health professionals and organizations.

Via Hope promotes patient advocacy through person-centered recovery planning (PCRP), a recovery-oriented approach to care directed by patients in collaboration with providers and other supporters. This partnership is considered critical to a patient’s recovery.

Dennis Bach, Director of Via Hope, and Sam Shore, former Mental Health Transformation and Behavioral Health Operations Director at Texas Department of State Health Services introduce the training series.

More than a curriculum, PCRP is a philosophy toward care that’s less directive and more collaborative than traditional methods of therapy, and it was crucial to Via Hope that we accurately reflect this mindset in both the course content and the content’s presentation. Thus, the delivery of program content was just as important as the content itself.




Via Hope wanted to scale its training for mental health professionals in person-centered recovery planning and had the following goals:

  • Develop an online learning series to complement their in-person training program supporting the implementation of recovery-oriented practices
  • Reach more people by making their program available online to anyone interested in the topic, including individuals who aren’t mental health professionals (e.g., for patient self-advocacy)
  • “Flip the classroom” so providers can complete an online course in preparation for an intensive in-person training
  • Protect trainees’ privacy with a secure login
  • Educate mental health organizations about the resources Via Hope offers
  • Attract funding

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The Solution

With funding from the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division, Via Hope partnered with 3C Institute to develop the training website viahopeonlinelearning.org.

Via Hope chose 3C Institute for our expertise in behavioral health, e-learning, and web development. We discussed the goals, target audience, and learning objectives with Via Hope’s subject matter experts to successfully turn their in-person program content into a powerful and engaging online learning series through the following services:

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  • Development of a self-paced multimedia course series on our versatile Dynamic E-Learning Platform, which integrates audio, video, motion graphics, live-action footage, presentation slides, transcripts, and interactive exercises
  • Close collaboration with Via Hope subject matter experts to reflect the PCRP philosophy in the creation and delivery of program content with less direct instruction and more collaborative exercises that better engage trainees in the learning process
  • Filming of program training and interviews with program developers and providers
  • Customized, HIPAA- and 508-compliant website design and development to house program information and training along with a program overview video and implementation resources such as “quick tip” interview segments with program experts
  • Secure login for trainees with the ability to save their progress so they can take the course at their own pace, anytime and anywhere
  • Final test creation and continuing education certification from the the Association of Social Work Boards and the National Board for Certified Counselors
  • Website hosting and maintenance, customer support, and technical assistance

VH a rollEvery step of the way, we helped Via Hope figure out how best to showcase their training online. We worked closely with them throughout the development process to understand their content and create a course experience that reflects both the collaborative philosophy of the curriculum itself through a partnership between the instructor and the learner. Likewise, the PCRP approach was reflected in the ongoing collaboration between Via Hope’s subject matter experts and 3C Institute’s interdisciplinary team of editors, artists, web developers, and video producers.

The Results

Together, Via Hope and 3C Institute are proud this collaboration resulted in an informative and engaging learning experience that encompasses the PCRP approach in both its content and delivery. Via Hope cited their trust in us, our sense of humor and patience, and the positive group dynamic as fostering this successful partnership.

Via Hope plans to feature the website and courses at upcoming conferences and continues to partner with us to expand the training series.

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