3C Institute’s Chief Science Officer to Present at NIH SBIR Annual Conference

On October 29th, Dr. Janey McMillen, chief scientific officer, will co-present a session with Dr. Daniel Wermeling, professor of pharmacy at the University of Kentucky and CEO of AntiOp, Inc., at the NIH SBIR annual conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The session, which focuses on feasibility planning and due diligence in product development, will be moderated by Dr. Kristopher Bough of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The session will highlight the preparation needed to put together a development strategy encompassing an assessment of market, technology, potential hurdles, and ways to circumvent these hurdles. Dr. McMillen and Dr. Wermeling will each share their success stories from two unique areas of expertise – web-based services and mobile applications (Dr. McMillen) and pharmaceutical drug development (Dr. Wermeling).

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