3C Institute in the Raleigh News & Observer

We’re excited to share that the Raleigh News & Observer published an article today about 3C Insitute’s use of federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants to research and develop programs and technologies that improve people’s lives.

Cary Company Uses Federal Grants and Research to Improve Lives

CARY — Year by year, lesson by lesson, Melissa DeRosier has transformed a company founded in her attic into a 75-member team that develops better ways to deliver social solutions to the masses.

“She’s changing families’ lives,” said Lynn Douthett, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s North Carolina District director. “She’s changing health care professionals’ lives all across the country.”

DeRosier founded 3C Institute in 2001 and initially developed and sold research-driven social skills assessment and improvement programs to teachers and parents.

Nearly 13 years later, 3C has garnered more than $25 million in mostly federal grants and is preparing to move yet again to a 22,000-square-foot space in Research Triangle Park. An outpatient mental health clinic for children and families will remain in Cary.

The new space will house the company’s research projects and a pipeline of workers who can customize digital information delivery systems, including intelligent games, e-training platforms and web-based assessments, for 3C Institute and other companies.

On Friday, DeRosier was the first to be recognized by the SBA’s North Carolina District with an Award of Excellence for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, which highlights entrepreneurs who find unique and novel solutions to social problems, Douthett said.


Watch a video of CEO Melissa DeRosier sharing advice on how research companies can create products and get them to the marketplace.

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