3C Institute CEO Cites Merits of Game-Based Social Skills Interventions in Guest Blog on GettingSmart.com

3C Institute CEO Melissa DeRosier wrote a guest blog post for GettingSmart.com, entitled “Playing to Win: How Game-based Social Skills Interventions Can Help Kids Make Friends and Succeed Academically.”

In the post, published on July 27th, Dr. DeRosier discusses the importance of social skills training and the advantages of game-based socials skills interventions over more traditional approaches. She also cites ways in which the adaptive nature of game-based interventions can be particularly helpful for addressing the needs of special populations.

“Games are a hot topic in the education world—and for good reason. Studies have shown that games improve problem solving skills, motivation and engagement towards learning, and test scores. Educational games have primarily addressed academic subjects, but game-based learning could be applied to other topics—such as social-emotional development.”

Learn more about game-based social skills interventions by reading the blog post or by checking out Social Skills Assessment through Games: The New Best Practice, a new book written by a number of 3C Institute staff members and edited by Dr. DeRosier.

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