3-C ISD Changes Name to “3C Institute”

As of October 2013, 3-C Institute for Social Development has changed its name to “3C Institute” to more accurately reflect our expanding scope of work.

3-C Institute for Social Development was founded in 2001 with the goal of improving the social-emotional health of children and families primarily through the delivery of social skills interventions in schools and clinics.

We’re still creating and delivering programs to promote positive social-emotional development, and we remain true to our mission to close the gap between research and practice. But over the years, we’ve vastly broadened our staff expertise, focus areas, and use of innovative technologies.

Many of our current projects extend beyond the realm of social development, addressing topics like program implementation support, research career development, and resilience, to name just a few. And our custom web-based services—e.g., personalized multimedia e-learning courses, data collection systems, websites, and video production—can be applied to a wide range of health-related disciplines.

We’ve also updated our visual identity with a new logo and color palette, which will be more fully implemented over the next year as our company rebranding process continues.

To learn more about how our work has evolved, visit our About Us page.

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