Social Skills Group Intervention (S.S.GRIN) Recognized by SAMHSA

We are proud to announce that Social Skills Group Intervention (S.S.GRIN) has been recognized by SAMHSA for the quality of its scientific base and ease of implementation.  After a comprehensive review of the quality of the research supporting intervention outcomes and the quality and availability of training and implementation materials, S.S.GRIN 3-5 has been added to SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

NREPP is a searchable online registry of mental health and substance abuse interventions that have been reviewed and rated by independent reviewers.  The S.S.GRIN program received high scores for quality of research and a perfect 4.0 in readiness for dissemination.

S.S.GRIN is a Response to Intervention Tier 2 program that is addressing both bullies and victims in schools across the country and around the world.  An evidence-based, age-appropriate, anti-bullying intervention, S.S.GRIN has been proven to dramatically reduce school violence and increase the social-emotional competence of both perpetrators and victims.

Please visit SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices to learn more about S.S.GRIN: http://nrepp.samhsa.gov/ViewIntervention.aspx?id=217

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