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3C Institute conducts research with children, families, schools, and community agencies to develop and deliver effective, evidence-based products. For our technology products that support the practice of research, we also recruit mental health professionals, intervention developers, and investigators in the behavioral sciences.


Studies currently recruiting participants:


Earn a Free Wristband to Help Children Stay Focused

Is your child in 3rd–5th grades? Does he or she often lose focus or struggle to stay on-task FokusLabs, in partnership with 3C Institute, is looking for children to participate in a research study to inform development of a new technology system for the vibration reminder wristband, RE-vibe.

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Kidney Guru Program for Teens with CKD

3C Institute is looking for healthcare providers, adolescents, and their parents to review and provide feedback about this computer-based program designed to help adolescents with CKD improve their self-management skills.

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