Launch Pads RTP

More than just start-up space!

Looking for office space? 3C Institute provides “launch pads” to start-ups and small businesses targeting the education, social sciences, and healthcare markets.

Come work in a highly collaborative, socially conscious environment alongside entrepreneurs, researchers, and developers of educational and healthcare products.

Space is limited—contact Andi Czirr at 919-677-0102, ext. 618, or for an application! 

Our launch pads come with:

Modern Workspaces

Choose from two sizes of cubes or private office space. Customize your workstation with a privacy door or standing desk.

Bonus Amenities

Access to private meeting rooms, kitchen and cafe (free coffee!), and onsite exercise facilities and classes.

A Professional Network

Exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, and marketing and sales experts to grow your business.

A Common Goal

Share space with like-minded colleagues in the education, social sciences, and healthcare markets.

Resident companies:

3C Institute

3C Institute is an award-winning R&D company devoted to improving social, emotional, and behavioral health. They are experts at getting grants and conducting research to demonstrate a product’s usability, viability, and efficacy.


Centervention is is an EdTech spinout of 3C institute focused on helping K–12 students improve their social and emotional skills. Their online games for learning are engaging, adaptive, and proven to work.  


Space is limited—contact Andi Czirr at 919-677-0102 or for an application!