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CRESH, 3C Institute’s Nonprofit Partner, Donates Anti-Bullying Program to Title I Schools

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month (October), the Center for Research in Emotional and Social Health (CRESH), 3C Institute’s partner organization, donated $200 grants to five Title I elementary schools in North Carolina. These grants can be used to purchase evidence-based social-emotional learning programs at 3C Marketplace, the online store for 3C Institute.

Grant recipients included:

  • Bearfield Primary School (Hertford County Public Schools)
  • East Mooresville Intermediate School (Mooresville Graded Schools)
  • G.W. Bulluck Elementary School (Edgecombe County Public Schools)
  • Sandy Ridge Elementary School and Lawsonville Elementary School (Stokes County)
  • W.H. Robinson Elementary School (Pitt County Schools)

Funds to support these grants were raised through an anti-bullying benefit event in Raleigh, NC, on August 9, 2014. The event was organized by Sue and Jeff Pippin, Triangle-area residents who lost two loved ones due to the devastating effects of bullying.

“Please take bullying seriously even if you think it’s minor. I lost my nephew due to bullying. There was no warning to his family.  After three months, his father could no longer handle his grief and took his life as well. The grief to the family, the school and the town was unimaginable,” Ms. Pippin stated. “Kids don’t understand what to do when they are being bullied for fear of being ashamed and being bullied more. Your help is needed.”

3C Marketplace programs help schools prevent and address bullying problems, as well as helping children develop critical social and emotional skills that pave the way for success in school and in life. These programs include:

  • S.S.GRIN (small group Tier 2 intervention for children with identified social challenges)
  • Adventures in Emotional Literacy (classroom-based program to teach children how to identify, manage, and express their emotions)
  • LifeStories for Kids (classroom-based multimedia character education program that includes video-based storytelling by nationally acclaimed performers)
  • Zoo U (game-based social skills assessment program – also available as a full game that assesses and teaches social skills at

3C Marketplace programs come with a one-year online subscription that includes online training, tools for monitoring student progress, and many other resources designed to facilitate smooth program implementation.

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