Child-friendly Data Collection

Quest: The only research-based, child-friendly online data collection system

With our child-friendly online data collection methods, we can make it easy for you to collect high-quality survey data and give children a voice in research.

Designed for use with children aged 6–12, Quest is the only child-friendly online data collection system. Surveys can integrate social and emotional skills assessment and adaptive testing.

We also offer an array of customized consultation, analysis, and reporting services.

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See example projects and pricing below.

We can help you:

Engage children

Developmentally appropriate, game-like “Quiz Show” survey layouts boost children’s engagement and motivation to participate in data collection.

Customize data

Customizable metrics track participant progress in real time and collect usage data on how children interact with surveys. HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant.

Increase accessibility

Accommodations such as synchronized highlighting and text-to-speech improve accessibility, making it easier for all children to complete surveys.

Analyze data

Data files are easy to sort, filter, and export for analysis in the statistical software package of your choice. 

Consultation, Analysis, and Reporting Services

3C Institute researchers can help you identify or create surveys; provide guidance regarding research design; and assist with analyzing, interpreting, and displaying findings. Learn more

Example projects & pricing:

Global & Academic Self-Efficacy

Respondents: 250, grades 1-2
Measures: 3 surveys, 28 items total

Quest components:
• Voiced introduction & directions
• Self-esteem: 10 multichoice
• Academic motivation: 8 multichoice
• Social self-efficacy: 10 multichoice
• 1 mini-game to reward completion

Total Cost: $2,025 ($8.10/respondent)

SEL Skills & School Climate

Respondents: 1,000, grades 4-6
Measures: 3 surveys, 58 items total

Quest components:
• Voiced introduction & directions
• English & Spanish versions
• School climate: 30 true/false
• Growth mindset: 10 multichoice
• Civic mindedness: 18 multichoice
• 2 performance-based SEL games

Total Cost: $5,745 ($5.75/respondent)

School Engagement & ELA

Respondents: 12,000, grades 3-5
Measures: 4 surveys, 92 items total

Quest components:
• Voiced introduction & conclusion
• Read & recall: 12 short answer
• Perspective taking: 20 multichoice
• Vocabulary: 30 multichoice
• Engagement: 30 multichoice & T/F
• 2 mini-games for break & reward

Total Cost: $15,450 ($1.29/respondent)

Note: All Quest pricing packages include accommodations options and technical support for users.

Zoo U

zoou_logo2Quest integrates game-based social and emotional learning (SEL) assessment scenes from Zoo U, a research-proven online game that assesses children’s SEL skills in six areas: impulse control, empathy, initiation, communication, cooperation, and emotion regulation. Geared toward children in grades K–5, players navigate common SEL scenarios in a school for future zookeepers. Purchase the complete game at Personalized Learning Games.


Adaptest®, from our partners at Vector Psychometric Group (VPG), integrates with Quest for computerized adaptive testing. Thousands of assessments have been successfully delivered using Adaptest®, which allows researchers to use a range of measures from single-item responses to the most advanced psychometric theory and computerized adaptive testing with questions tailored to individual respondents.