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The BBC Interviews 3C Institute CEO about Zoo U

The BBC interviewed Dr. Melissa DeRosier, CEO of 3C Institute, for their World Business Report program. The segment focused on Games for Change nominees and games’ ability to promote positive social outcomes.

Dr. DeRosier discussed how randomized controlled trials can be used to measure games’ impact and how Zoo U effectively improves children’s social and emotional skills.

One of the things about social situations is that out there in the real world they can be kind of dangerous and scary for kids especially for kids who may struggle in this area. What Zoo U does is it provides a game environment that is safe. It’s a place where kids can come and do interesting social problem-solving exercises. And then they can take those skills out into the real world and feel more confident using those skills.

The story on Games for Change begins at 20:32 and the interview with Dr. DeRosier at 22:43.

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