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Dr. Melissa DeRosier, 3C Institute CEO, Writes about the Necessity of Social-Emotional Learning on the NC Parent Teacher Association Website

In “Social Emotional Health is Essential for 21st Century Learners,” published on the North Carolina Parent Teacher Association (NCPTA) website, Dr. Melissa DeRosier describes how social and emotional skills contribute to student success under both the Common Core State Standards and the 21st Century Learning framework.

“We know from decades of research that when schools deliberately attend to the social emotional health of students and embed SEL into the daily routine, safer, more productive learning environments are created and students are in a much stronger position to be successful,” notes Dr. DeRosier.

This article was also distributed as part of the NC PTA newsletter to more than 80,000 parents and educators across the state.

To read the full article, visit the NC PTA website.

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