3C Institute CEO Launches New Company to Distribute EdTech Products

We’re excited to announce that last month, 3C Institute CEO Melissa DeRosier launched Personalized Learning Games, a new company established to bring innovative online educational games to children to improve their social-emotional health.

Initially, Personalized Learning Games (PLG) will partner with 3C Institute and the Center for Research in Emotional and Social Health (CRESH), a non-profit that conducts research on bully prevention, social development, school violence prevention, and other social-emotional learning topics.

Through these exclusive partnerships, PLG will initially be marketing two online social skills games—Zoo U and Adventures aboard the S.S.GRIN—which will be available this fall. Developed by 3C Institute and CRESH with SBIR funding from the U.S. Department of Education, the games can be used in schools, clinics, and homes and are proven through research to improve social skills.

Other adaptive health technologies by 3C Institute are in development, including a game for children with autism spectrum disorder and another for children transitioning to middle school.

PLG will distibute products that are research-based, efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use.

To help achieve their mission, PLG seeks to form partnerships with commercial distributors, schools, clinics, and funders to promote broad access to their products.

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