3C Institute Book on Game-Based Social Skills Assessment Coming Soon!

Social skills assessment has moved beyond pencil and paper questionnaires into the realm of dynamic online game-based technology. But do game-based assessment methods really work? The answer is a resounding “yes!”

Learn about the powerful potential of this innovative new assessment approach in our new book, Social Skills Assessment through Games: The New Best Practice, edited by 3C Institute CEO, Dr. Melissa DeRosier.

Social Skills Assessment through Games explores the advantages of using game-based platforms to assess children’s social skills. In this book, the authors …

  • review the theory and research underlying social skills assessment (SSA)
  • examine traditional approaches to SSA
  • demonstrate how game-based SSA such as Zoo U Assessment can move beyond the limitations of more conventional methods
  • provide insight into how game-based SSA can be used to improve the effectiveness of social interventions in school, clinical, and home settings

This book is intended to help educators and parents understand the various methods of SSAs—both traditional and game-based—and make informed decisions about which SSA approaches best meet their needs.

Social Skills Assessment through Games: The New Best Practice will be published in print and Kindle versions later this month.

Check out the book on Amazon! Or at 3C Marketplace available in both paperback or eBook format! 

To learn more about Zoo U Assessment, visit 3C Marketplace.

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